OllyDbg를 바탕으로 exploit 와 악성코드 분석에 용의하도록 제작되었다고 한다.

설치를 위해서는 파이썬(Python) 필요하며 윈도우 2000은 서비스 팩이 높아야하는 것으로 보인다.
(초기 윈도우 2000 버전으로 테스트 할 때 실행안됨)


Announcing Immunity Debugger v1.0

After almost a year of intensive development and internal use, we are
pleased to announce the public release of Immunity Debugger v1.0.

When we started developing Immunity Debugger our main objective was to
combine the best of the commandline based and GUI based debugger worlds.
The commandline because most of us come from a UNIX background, and it
just ends up being more efficient than clicking your way around. The GUI
because we understand that we are visual beings that often can
grasp more from a single look at a graphical layout than from two days
of x/x-ing memory pages.

The third feature we required was full flexible access to the debugging API,
the graphing engine, and the GUI API. Because having to Re-Compile
plugins is lame, we decided to make everything accessible from Python.
So we put everything together and developed something we feel very
comfortable using.

This means we ended up with a fully flexible and extendible Win32
debugger that has all of it's features, both debugging and graphical,
easily accessible from it's Python scripting engine.

And best of all, it's available for free. That's right, Immunity
Debugger is released for free, including free monthly updates.

Here's some cool features:

o The Python API ("Immlib/Lib reference" for full documentation)
o A full Python based graphing library
o Full debugger and GUI API access
o A flurry of cool example scripts such as:

- !heap         A fully working heap dumping script (try the -d option!)
- !searchheap   Searching the heap
- !hippie       Trampoline hooks on RtlAllocateheap/RtlFreeHeap
- !modptr       Dynamic search for function pointers in pages
- !findantidep  Find address to bypass software DEP

o Writing your own scripts for your specific tasks is easy :)

Interested? Give Immunity Debugger a spin and download it from:

For feedback or bug reports please contact

Happy debugging!

Team Immunity

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